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      1._______ at all is worth doing well.

      A. Whatever is worth doing B. That is worth doing C. What is worth doing it D. Whatever is worth doing it

      2.He bought a house for his children ________.

      A. lived in B. to live in C. lived D. to live

      3.By the middle of the 21st century,the vast majority of the world‘s population will be living in cities _______ in the country.

      A. other than B. more than C. better than D. rather than

      4.People appreciate _______ with him because he is knowledgeable and humorous.

      A. talking B. talked C. talk D. to talk

      5.Imports will be allowed in proportion _______ exports.

      A. to B. for C. out D. of

      6.They built a highway _______ the mountains.

      A. lead into B. to lead into C. led into D. leading into

      7.It _______ for two hours now.

      A. rains B. is raining C. has rained D. has been raining

      8.The girl was lucky enough to _______ the bad men and ran away.

      A. break away B. break away from C. break out D. break into

      9.The policeman came up to the lonely house with the door _______, _______ there for a while and then entered it.

      A. open; to stand B. opening; stood C. open; stood D. opened; standing

      10._______ the new plan can be carried out will be discussed at the meeting tomorrow.

      A. Which B. What C. That D. Whether

      11.Neither English nor Chinese ________ difficult to learn.

      A. has B. have C. is D. are

      12.It is obvious how bad movies will impact ________ children.

      A. on B. to C. with D. in

      13.The Roman goddess Venus is identified _______ the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

      A. with B. by C. for D. to

      14.He declined _______ more about it.

      A. say B. to say C. said D. saying

      15.The government called out policemen to suppress the riot.

      A. 政府派警察鎮壓動亂

      B. 政府把警察叫出來鎮壓動亂

      C. 政府給警察打電話讓他們出去壓迫動亂

      D. 政府高喊要警察出去鎮壓動亂

      16.The new laws threaten to deprive many people _______ the most elementary freedoms.

      A. from B. for C. of D. about

      17._______ he has enough money to buy the house, it doesn‘t mean he’s going to do so.

      A. Grant B. Granted that C. Having Granted that D. Grant that

      18.The reply, when it finally came, was ________ the negative.

      A. for B. into C. in D. with

      19.I don‘t mind _______ the decision as long as it is not too late.

      A. you to delay making B. your delaying making C. your delaying to make D. you delay to make

      20._______ for a long time, most of the crops in this area died from lacking water.

      A. Being no rain B. There was no rain C. To be no rain D. There being no rain

      21.—— We have to stop talking here outside. Listen, _______!

      —— Hurry up, or we‘ll be late.

      A. There goes the bell B. There does the bell go C. There the bell goes D. Goes the bell there

      22.The factory _______ we‘ll visit next week is not far from here.

      A. where B. to which C. which D. in which

      23.—Why didn‘t you buy a new car?

      —I would have bought one if I _______ enough money.

      A. had B. have had C. would have D. had had

      24.There was so much noise that the speaker couldn‘t make himself ________.

      A. hear B. heard C. hearing D. to hear

      25.This is an important problem _______ too few social scientists have researched.

      A. which B. that C. into that D. into which

      26.They ________ extensive and possibly dangerous actual flight training.

      A. undertake B. undergo C. underplay D. underuse

      27.They will get the preparation done early in May.

      A. 他們五月初就能讓別人準備完工作

      B. 他們五月初就能準備好工作

      C. 他們早在五月份就能把準備工作做完

      D. 他們五月初就能把準備工作做完

      28.Weather _______, we‘ll go out for a walk.

      A. permitted B. permitting C. permits D. for permitting

      29.I don‘t think the charge for overhauling the equipment is excessive in _______ to its size.

      A. correspondence B. equation C. proportion D. dimension

      30.It is difficult to understand this kind of _______ calculation.

      A. intricate B. varied C. indispensable D. equable

      31._______ for the free ticket, I would not have gone to see film so often.

      A. If it is not B. Were it not C. Had it not been D. If they were not

      32.Nobody but you _______ what he said.

      A. agrees with B. agrees out C. agree with D. agree to

      33.—David has made great progress recently.

      —_______, and _______.

      A. So he has;so you have B. So he has;so have you C. So he has;so do you D. So has he;so you have

      34.The engineer ______ my father works is about 50 years old.

      A. to whom B. on whom C. with which D. with whom

      35._______ is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language.

      A. There B. This C. That D. It

      36.Happiness doesn‘t always _______ money.

      A. go through B. go in for C. go with D. go over

      37.We were told that the stone figure _______ back to the 16th century was ofgreat value.

      A. dated B. dating C. coming D. kept

      38.That is the house _______ you can enjoy the scenery.

      A. in that B. that C. which D. from which

      39.The old couple have been married for 40 years and never once _______ with each other.

      A. they had quarreled B. they have quarreled C. have they quarreled D. had they quarreled

      40.There is a growing body of evidence to support the fact that most people suffer from a lack of daydreaming _______ an excess of it.

      A. other than B. rather than C. in place of D. instead